Job interview this week. I’m claiming the job is mine in god name

brought myself a car today

thank god

just hoping everything else straighten out and come together

second job please

ready to work hard 

make money to spend it

Sister trying to evict me

Call the people they said it isn’t that easy to get me kicked out

Been here for 8 months

But knowing I’m getting a car and moving soon and will not have a job if I didn’t find my own transportation so I did the responsible thing and got a car so I won’t have to ask her for hers. But yet she doesn’t see any good I am doing and knowing I don’t have enough money to get the apartment.

Yet I am a full time resident here. Even though there was a verbal agreement she has to find me unfit roommate. I’m clean so I don’t see how this is going to happen.

Never knew family would turn on me


RIP that text post you thought of in class and then forgot when you got home

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The one guy that has been there even when I tell him I don’t like him. He still buys me things and put up with my attitude. I’m finally falling for him hope it’s not to late.

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I’m convinced this bitch was secretly high every episode.

My wiener dog loves to be high up, it’s just a thing ha

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i neeeed to remember this
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